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Tag It Up!

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Our Google Tag Manager Setup & Configuration Package

Google Tag Manager (GTM) enables you to manage your marketing tags, which are snippets of code or tracking pixels that are used to track important metrics that ultimately benefit your website’s SEO and overall search engine ranking, as well as provide essential website visitor information.

Without some base technical knowledge, getting started on GTM can be a challenge. If you’re just starting out, our team will help with the setup of your GTM. If you have an existing account, we will evaluate your current container and provide solutions for improvement on how to optimize this tool correctly.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate online marketing campaign reporting
  • Accurate assessment of your website’s ability to convert campaign traffic


  • Google Tag Manager account setup (up to five tags created)
  • Google Tag Manager configuration (up to five tags assessed and modified according to reporting needs)
  • Implement tags for Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Half-hour meeting for review, recommendations and general best practices